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Annual Elections

It's that time of the year again; temperatures drop below 100f, Christmas decorations are put up 3 months before the day, and the FRFC elects a new Board of Directors! If you're interested in joining the board, please submit your name or nominate someone to by November 23rd. I'll then issue a ballot for the membership to vote online by the 15th of December.

Membership in the BoD means you get to make decisions about the future of the club and our aircraft including rules and upgrades. Running the club is split between the members; the President calls meetings and keeps membership engaged, the VP supports the president and manages MX when the MX officer is not available, the Treasurer manages the club finances and billing, and the Secretary manages communication and takes meeting notes. Once a month, the BoD has an hour long Zoom call to talk about upcoming meetings and club business. No previous experience is necessary, and all our meetings are fun and informal.

This year, board elections will be especially important as our Secretary (me!) and our Treasurer (Debra) will not be running for re-election. We'll probably have a bit of shuffle as board members change positions, but we're excited to welcome new leadership!


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