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Annual Meeting, Dec 11th at 10AM

Happy December everyone! We on the Board of Directors hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. The weather lately has been absolutely beautiful, so be sure to get in all your year-end flying before it gets nasty in January/February.

We're excited to announce the annual meeting will be held Saturday, December 11th at 10AM in the Fayette Regional Flying Center FBO and streamed on Zoom. For those of you attending in person, coffee and doughnuts will be served. This should be a rather brief meeting, as we'll be tallying and announcing the results of the election, updating you all on the status of the aircraft, and giving a membership update.

We currently do not have a volunteer for President. If you'd like to volunteer please let me know ASAP.

An email with the ballot link has been sent to the membership via Flight Circle. We'll tally the vote the day of the meeting.

We look forward to seeing you all!


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