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FRFC Spring Club Meeting!

Hello everyone!

Hope you're enjoying the warmer weather and here's hoping for clearer skies!

On Saturday, May 21, starting at 9AM, we will have our Spring Meeting for our club!

We will have free food provided, enjoy time getting to know other club members, have an in-person club meeting, followed by fun aviation activities!

More details are to come.

In other news, the Smithville Fly-in will be on Saturday, May 14 10AM-3PM. If you'd like to hitch a ride with Zach G in the 172 or Jack L in the Champ, let them know! They will be showing off the club planes there.

Finally, we apologize for the delay in getting the 182 back in service. We appreciate your patience, but unfortunately, just as the supply chain and labor issues have been affecting many aspects of our lives, the 182 has not escaped them either. We will keep you all posted!

Hope to see you all in a month at our club meeting! Look forward to a sign-up sheet with the agenda in a near-future post.



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