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Giving Back This Holiday Season: FRFC Annual Board Elections

Happy holidays FRFC members,

We hope that you have had a joyous Thanksgiving, and will have a wonderful Christmas break to end this year! It has been a whirlwind of a year but thank you for your continued support for our little flight club here in central Texas.

In this month of December and extending into January, we will have our annual Board of Directors election for 2023. As a crucial opportunity for all of us to give back to the club, the Board is inviting all members in good standing who pay into the club--old and new--to place their names in the running for one or more of the officer roles below.

Don't worry if you feel a little underqualified. We are all happy to help each other out and are encouraged by everyone who choose to actively serve in this way! Also, it's a great dinner-party conversation-starter to say you're on the board of a flight club. I utilize it all the time! :)

Please submit your name by Christmas Eve (12/24), at which time we will open a SurveyMonkey poll for members to cast votes on the candidates. We will announce our new Board of Directors at an in-person full club meeting in mid to late January, so please keep your schedule open for that!

To ensure that your candidacy is formalized, please email Zach at or on FC, or let one of the other current Board members know.

Thank you so much for the opportunity for us to serve you in 2022. We look forward to a bright 2023 with you all and more!

Zach Gong, on behalf of the FRFC 2022 BoD.

1. President - Presides over and calls all club and board meetings; represents the club to all external parties; casts tie-breaking votes

2. Vice-President - Second-in-line to the President and acts in their absence; plans club activities and programs; monitors the inspections and maintenance of club assets

3. Secretary - Records minutes for all club and board meetings; keeps all records, reports and documentation for the club; carries out official correspondence for the club; maintains club website

4. Treasurer - Responsible for all funds in and out of the club; reports on the club’s financial health at board meetings; collects monthly and outstanding dues

5. Maintenance/Safety & Operations Officer - Reviews and make recommendations on the operating procedures; assists the Vice President with inspection, maintenance, and flight operations of club assets

(Full list of duties are detailed in the club bylaws on our website:


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