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Happy New Year 2022! From the New Board

Happy new year, fellow FRFC members!

My name is Zach Gong, the new secretary for the club. I am taking over for Cody who did a great job introducing me to, and being a friendly face for, the club. I will try my best to keep that up this year: making sure everyone is posted on latest board decisions and upcoming club activities, engaging with prospective members, and helping to make this the best flying club around!

Speaking of the board, let me introduce the 2022 Board of Directors:

David Kyle - President

Jack Lewis - Vice President

Beaux Graham - Treasurer

Zach Gong - Secretary

In addition, the lovely Stenton and Debra Maddox will continue helping us maintain our aircrafts and being an all-around support for all of us in many ways :)

We are excited to serve you all this year. Feel free to reach out to any of us on Flight Circle if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions!

Finally, I know people are asking what's going on with the C182. At this time, the C182 is at a shop in Waco, temporarily out of commission as we assess the costs of an engine overhaul. The board is in constant communication to get this sorted out as quickly as possible, but the timeline remains difficult to nail down. I will keep you all posted!

In the meantime, the C172 and Aeronca Champ are still active for you to use. We are also expecting a new engine block for the C172 to arrive soon!

Have a good week, schedule a flight on FC, and most importantly, keep safe out there!



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