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State of the Club Meeting 8/1/22 @ 7:30PM over Zoom

Hello FRFC club members,

We understand that times are growing challenging all around. The landscape of general aviation is changing fast as well.

That's why the Board is hosting a forum-style meeting to go over the state of the club and address the challenges that FRFC are going through, as well as hear from you. What are your feelings about where the club has been recently and where it is headed? What kind of input can you provide that will help steer decisions the Board will make in the near future?

We want your participation and voice! All current members are invited, and we especially want those who missed our Spring meeting to join.

The meeting will be over Zoom on Monday, August 1, 2022 @7:30PM. An RSVP to Zach is appreciated. Zoom link has been provided to all members via email from Flight Circle.

Thanks everybody,

Zach Gong (for the Board)


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