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Vote for your 2024 Board of Directors! Also, our planes are back!

Hello FRFC,

Please use the link e-mailed to you to cast your vote for your 2024 Board!

Please submit your vote by end of day Friday, 12/8. 1 membership = 1 vote.

We will announce your new board at our last club meeting of 2023 the next day 12/9 at 10AM (3T5 FBO Terminal). Light refreshments will be provided. RSVP to Zach by Friday evening and let him know if you need to call in to that meeting.

Also, both the 172 and Champ are back from Joe Sills' and are available to reserve again on FC. Read carefully: since the 172 has a newly installed engine, it needs to be flown at 2400 rpm maximum, with careful attention to CHT temp and oil temp/pressure. For your own safety and as a directive from your Board, please do not perform power-off landings or touch-and-goes for the first 25 hours. We will reiterate this at the club meeting.

Thank you,



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